Need a replacement lock for your car?

Need a replacement lock for your car?

Over time, the locks of your car will wear down and you will find it difficult unlocking the vehicle door. Replacing the lock will prevent any inconvenient event when you will not be able to open or start your car.

When to replace the car lock

For most people, they will need to replace a car lock if their keys were stolen or missing. It isn’t advisable to simply contact a locksmith or the car dealer where the vehicle was purchased to buy a duplicate key. There is a chance that the person who stole the car keys might find your vehicle and steal it.

In some cases with owners of modern cars, their car key has a computer chip integrated to it. Although it is meant to prevent your car from being stolen, you will not be able to enter or drive the vehicle if the key is missing. This will be an inconvenience if the keys are missing while the driver and the car are away from home since the keys are very hard to duplicate.

Another scenario is when the car lock is damaged to the point when it is very hard to rotate the key inside the lock. This is due to the wafers and pins becoming worn or the key‘s teeth slowly losing their shape. The same can also happen to the vehicle’s ignition lock.

Choosing Amalgamated Locksmiths to solve your car lock problems

Amalgamated Locksmiths can resolve the problem with your car’s door and ignition lock 24 hours a day. They have a large range of replacement locks and key blanks for any vehicles including cars, bikes, boats and trucks. Almost any key can be duplicated and cut to work on vehicle doors including ignition locks.

Amalgamated locksmith has a wide range of data bank on almost all vehicle models. Using the latest lock smithing technology equipment with the data on your vehicle, they can bring back the integrity of the vehicle locks.

Amalgamated Locksmiths uses a mobile locksmith for any vehicle owners who needs to have their locks change outside of their home. They ensure that you don’t have to call the towing company and have the car dealer where you purchased your car to provide you with a replacement key which can be incredibly costly and time wasting. Amalgamated Locksmiths will arrive at the scene and get your car door open or start the car for you.

Amalgamated Locksmiths has the latest in computerised key cutting equipment to ensure that the key is shaped correctly and accurately.

When you need your vehicle lock and keys replaced or fix, consider Amalgamated Locksmiths to help you in Brisbane.