The Different Gun Safes

The Different Gun Safes

Gun owners are responsible to keep their guns locked and away from anyone who might use it for any ill intent. All Australian states require that any and all firearms must be locked within gun safes. Read on to find the right Amalgamated Locksmith gun safe to purchase for your firearm.

Importance of keeping firearms locked

A gun is usually purchased for recreational purposes as well as making the gun owner’s family feel safe. There are cases however where the gun itself is a threat to that safety. There have been numerous news report worldwide about children finding the firearm of their parent and accidentally discharging the weapon on themselves or to someone nearby. In other cases, teenagers or older children may use the gun for ill intent. Another danger is thieves who might be able to locate the gun owner’s firearm and use it on gun owner’s family.

The law requiring gun owners to own a gun safe ensures that the gun owner’s family won’t be a victim of any owned firearm injuries or death.

Sportsman R7c-KCB dimension

This safe is made to accommodate seven rifles or shotguns. It is vertically shaped to longer firearms. The sportsman safe has a height of 1530mm, a width of 615mm and a depth of 500mm. The top area includes a 180mm cupboard which is lockable.

Sportsman R7c-KCB Lock mechanism

The sportsman uses a 10mm by 25mm locking bolts with rack and pinion mechanism. The lock is also supported by digital locking to allow convenience of locking a firearm without a key. The safe has an Emergency Relocker System. The system locks down the safe if a burglar or thief attempts to crack the safe.

PS1 and PS2 safe dimension

The PS1 gun safe has a height of 457mm, a width of 400mm and a depth of 305mm. The safe has three removable shelves to allow up to three pistols to be stored inside. It has 12mm bolt holes at the back and base to allow the safe to be bolted anywhere within the house securely.

The PS2 gun safe has a height of 457mm, a width of 400mm and a depth of 305mm. It has one removable shelf to allow up to two pistols to be stored. The safe also has 12mm bolt holes which can be securely fastened to any part of the house.

PS1 and PS2 safe lock mechanism

The PS1 safe uses a dual six lever key lock which requires two set of keys to unlock. The PS2 uses a six lever key lock.

If you are considering a safe to store your guns, consider Amalgamated Locksmiths gun safe for an affordable and secure storage of your firearms.