Safes come in many different sizes, models and levels of protection.

First, consider the size of the safe you need and what things you want to keep inside. You may need just enough space for important documents, money and jewellery. Or if you need to keep bigger items you might want to consider a security filing cabinet.

We stock a variety of safes, offer professional advice and have skilled staff for all safe services including, installation, openings and repairs, and we stock trusted brands; CMI, Chubb and Yale.

Types of safes we stock

  • Home
  • Wall
  • In floor
  • Fire resistant
  • Gun safe
  • Floor standing
  • General office
  • Data media
  • Security filing cabinets
  • We recommend all safes be bolted down to the floor with a bolt-down kit

Our showroom has over 150 safes on display. New and used that range from general home safes to banker and jewellers quality.

When selecting a safe there are several factors that need to be taken in to account to ensure the safe you select is suitable for the purpose.

  • The value of cash and valuables to be protected
  • Type of locking (key lock, combination lock, digital keypad)
  • Is a fire rating necessary
  • If a fire rating is necessary, will it be for paper or computer data records?
  • Can the safe be secured (bolted down) to a concrete base?

Safes and Cash Rating

A safe with a cash rating of $4,000 will be totally different to a safe with a cash rating of $100,000. They are designed to provide different levels of burglary and fire protection.

Home Safes

Generally steel plate manufacture, or light steel inner and outer sheets with the cavity filled with a fire resistant material. These safes are designed to deter opportunist break and enter, but will not prevent a well-executed break in. Generally for cash and valuables up to $4,000.

Light Office, Domestic

Plate steel door construction with a body of refractory material (high compressive strength security concrete). Designed to deter a break in from hand tools, basic drills, explosives and force, plus provide a 30 to 45 minutes fire resistance for paper/documents. These safes are suitable for cash and valuables up to $12,000.

Office Grade

Manufactured with a more substantial plate steel door and more body thickness, offering improved resistance to hand tools, drills, explosives and force, plus fire protection for paper records of 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Suitable for cash and valuables up to $20,000.

Commercial Grade

Door and body will be manufactured of refractory materials, therefore providing excellent resistance to hand tools, drills, explosives and force, plus 60 to 90 minutes fire protection for paper records. Suitable for cash and valuables up to $50,000.

Jewellers Grade/ Bankers Grade

Substantial door and body thickness of specialised alloys and/or refractory materials with added plasticisers, fibres and other additions to give it greater flexibility against tool and explosive break in. These safes offer resistance to oxy acetylene, sophisticated drilling and will generally be fire rated for 90 minutes. Expect an insurance cash rating up to $120,000 to $250,000.

Locking System

  • Keylock
  • Combination
  • Digital

Fire Rating

Most safes today will offer a fire rating, but what value you get is down to the type of safe you are after and the contents you want to protect.

You can purchase safes and cabinets designed solely for fire resistance; however they will offer very limited break in protection. Fire rated safes and cabinets are designed to protect paper records only. Data and digital media need a much higher level of protection and safes designed specifically for this purpose need to be used.

Bolting Down

We encourage wherever practical that safes under 1000kgs be bolted down. Data cabinets cannot be bolted down (they may be glued, but possibly need to be destroyed if relocated).

The information supplied above is a guide only. As specific requirements may be required, we advise all customers to come in store today to see our full range of safes and advice on installations, openings and repairs call 07 3252 7872.

For all your installation and servicing requirements please see our safe and installation page.