Fireproof Safes

Amalgamated can help your businesses whether you are a small or large company with secure and fire proof safes that will protect documents, digital media, backup data, and much more.

Fire proof safes have played a vital role in helping businesses survive disasters. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms that can sometimes cause fires that destroy businesses each year. Not to mention the very real threat of an accidental factory or shop fire.

With proper planning and discussing your needs, you’ll get the exact fire safe that you need, and at the best price possible.

Protecting important digital media such as software, backup data, photo images and digital archived records should not be left to chance. Chubb safes products are specifically engineered and then third party tested to ensure that your vital information will be protected in the event of a fire.

Fire Rating

Fire rated safes and cabinets are designed to protect paper records only. They are designed solely for fire resistance, and will offer very limited protection to even a simple forced attack.

Such safes and cabinets should not be used for protecting cash and valuables. If you need both fire and theft you should consider a burglar and fire rated safe, rather than just fire rated safe only. Data records need a much higher level of protection, and safes designed specifically for this purpose need to be used.

How is a Fire Safe Rating Achieved?

A safe manufacturer hires an independent testing lab to test their safe for a specific time period of fire rating. Heat sensors are placed inside the safe then placed inside a burn chamber with high temperatures of 1350 degrees, then start timing how long the temperature stays below 350 degrees inside the safe. If the inside temperature stays below 350 degrees for 1 hour or more, then the fire rating is 1 hour. Same for 1.5 hours, 2 hours and so on.

Our Fire Proof Safes

  • Filing cabinet: Options of 1hr or 2hr levels of protection
  • Micro 61: Offering a third party certified 1 hour level of protection
  • Data Plus: Offering a third party certified 2 hour level of protection
  • CS284 Data Safe: Offering a third party certified 2 hour level of protection

For more information on our data fireproof safes or our extensive range of domestic and commercial safes, visit us in store where a qualified safe technician can help decide which safe is right for you 07 3252 7872.