Key Cabinets

Why owning a key cabinet is important for business owners?

You might think that is a simple question to answer, but there are a lot of business owners who don’t understand the importance of establishing a secure key control system.

While staying organised and saving time locating your keys is an important part, keeping your keys safe in a lockable key cabinet can also help save money wasted on replacing lost or stolen keys. You will never have to ask again…” who’s got the keys”?

Key cabinets provide the secure key control solution that is very important to today’s companies. Our key cabinet are constructed of heavy-duty steel and features key hooks and key rings with tags.

Key Cabinets

  • TATA
  • Kekabs
  • Creone
  • Helix
  • Kidde

Cabinet Features:

  • Three-dial
  • Changeable combination lock
  • Mounts easily to a wall (mounting hardware included)

With our key management system you can keep maximum control of keys with designated master and duplicate key tags. Keys are loaned from the duplicate tags, while the master key stays in the cabinet. An index and cross reference manual is included to track all keys.

Keys are cross-referenced in three ways:

  • Lock location
  • Hook number
  • Key code number (assuring that you will always know which key is for which lock)

Keys are loaned and returned in the key loan envelopes included with the system. An account of all key loans is recorded in the provided key loan record. Yellow loan tickets are filled out when a key is loaned from the cabinet. The ticket is then placed on the hook as a visual record of the loan.

For more information on our extensive range of key cabinets, contact one of our friendly and professional locksmiths on 07 3252 7872.