The increase in security with the new transponder locks

The increase in security with the new transponder locks

A pre-owned or brand new car can be a huge investment. You might also be in a huge debt if it gets stolen. Fortunately, you can avoid expensive liabilities by investing in a transponder lock offered by Amalgamated Locksmiths.

Amalgamated Locksmiths has been in industry since 1981. They provide customers who are in desperate need of a reliable security system for cars. One of their offerings are their cutting edge transponder locks.

What are transponder locks?

A transponder is different from a manual locking system. It is equipped with a programmed chip to send out a unique code to start the car. When you insert the transponder into the ignition, the computer found in your car will react to the signal. If the receiving device accepts the code, the car will either unlock or start. By contrast, a wrong signal will keep the car immobilised. To ensure you won’t have the same transponder to other car owners, Amalgamated Locksmith will provide you with a unique set of codes.

Advantages of using a transponder locks

The most appealing advantage of getting a transponder lock for your car is the added security. Since your car will only operate if the emitted signal is correct, thieves won’t be able to steal through hot wiring. Also, it won’t be easy to duplicate the keys as each is programmed and designed differently.

Apart from avoiding car theft, you can also easily access your car if you shifted to a keyless system. Just by pressing one button, you can unlock all the doors and won’t need to manually unlock each one. If you forgot to lock the doors, you don’t need to walk back to your car as the signal from your key can be still sent if you are a short distance away from your car.

If you are still using a key to start your car, you might want to consider shifting to a transponder lock. It will give you a peace of mind against car theft. Call Amalgamated Locksmiths on (07) 3252 7872 and talk with their friendly staff to know what car models they can provide with a transponder key.