Secure Your Car From Thieves This Christmas Season

Secure Your Car From Thieves This Christmas Season

Every December, shopping centres and boutiques are filled with Christmas shoppers trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Unfortunately, there are individuals not in the holiday spirit who have the intention of committing a crime. If you are planning to bring your car for your holiday shopping, you might want to consider getting a reliable locking system.

Secure your car with Amalgamated Locksmiths

Thieves love lurking around in overcrowded places as there is a higher possibility of successfully committing a crime. They also know you would be at ease wandering around the mall tending your shopping list. Once you are finished with shopping and returned to the spot where your car is parked, you’ll find your vehicle badly damaged or worse, already stolen.

With that in mind, parking your car near the establishment will not guarantee you it won’t get stolen. You need to install your car with a lock system they can’t get through. Fortunately, you can get yours at Amalgamated Locksmiths. They are a locksmith service provider with more than 30 years experience in the Brisbane area. They offer electronic control systems, safe opening and servicing and even automotive locks such as transponder keys.

Steering wheel lock is not enough

Most car owners believe securing the steering wheel with a lock can prevent their cars from getting stolen but they don’t know thieves can easily pass through this. They can just simply detach the steering wheel by using a screwdriver or even use a bolt cutter. Consequently, using a steering wheel lock will not be enough to secure your car. You should rather invest in a transponder.

Why go transponder?

You can finally put your mind at ease with a transponder key. It carries a unique code which is exclusive to one particular car which means burglars will find it hard to duplicate. The car’s computer also needs to receive a signal from the key before your car can start, making hot wiring nearly impossible.

Before heading to the shops to go Christmas shopping, make sure your car is installed with hard to penetrate locking system. Call Amalgamated Locksmith on (07) 3252 7872 to book an installation now.