Tips on how to pick the right Door Lock

Tips on how to pick the right Door Lock

Assa Abloy Door LockThe doors of your house are the main point of entry into your home. The point of entry is where you will want any unwanted people to stay out, including burglars. Read on to find out how to pick the right door lock to protect you and your family’s home.

Select locks which are resistant to physical damages
Intruders, burglars or anyone who will break into your home may attempt to use physical force to move the lock from you door. One example of a saw resistant lock is where it can be sawed, but only to a certain point. The lock has an internal anti-saw pins which will move with the saw to lower the effectiveness of the tool. Anyone trying to saw this type of lock will be attempting to break the lock for a much longer time.

Another type of anti-theft lock feature could have an anti-jemmy locking bolt feature like the Tasman Mk3 from Assa Abloy. The plates will have a powder coated steel protection plate to prevent access to the latch or the bolt from crowbars or other tools. This feature will lessen the chance of anyone attempting to force open the lock with a lever tool such as a crowbar.

There are also deadlocks which are resistant to drills. Inside the lock, the makers place a hardened steel chip to wear down the drill bit as it attempts to penetrate the lock. This feature will lessen the time the drill will penetrate the lock or has the chance of destroying the drill bit.

Select locks to prevent or hinder lock-picking
Most likely, thieves or burglars will attempt to pick the lock of your front door before they attempt to physically destroy the lock. Thieves who can unlock a door through this method can simply enter the house without making any sound to alert anyone.

A good rule of thumb is to use a lock which has a large number of tumblers. Anyone who will pick a lock will have much difficulty in unlocking it when there are many tumblers inside it. A deadbolt with at least seven or more tumblers is recommended by security experts. A good example of a lock with more than 7 tumblers is a cylinder lock.

Select a lock manufacturer with key control
Some keys can be easily duplicated by professional thieves or locksmiths. Key control is a built-in feature of a key which allows only the manufacturer or a licensed locksmith to duplicate it. This feature is well worth the cost and time for anyone who values their security. A good example is an Assa Abloy lock which has a flexible key control feature to fit anyone’s security needs.

When you are looking for the right door lock for your home, Amalgamated Locksmiths can help assure you of the security of your household.