Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Remote

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Remote

Garage door openers can last for a long time but will slowly start to wear down over the years. Read on to know the advantages of upgrading your garage door opener and garage remote.

No numbered switches to set

The garage door remote works by sending a signal to the receiver which will open the door. For security, old garage door remotes and receiver models use a series of small switches which may cause inconvenience if the switches were moved or manipulated by accident.

New garage door remotes and receiver use FC or facility code which is a unique number integrated in both the receiver and remote. The FC code doesn’t require any switches to manipulate which prevents any accidental change of the code.

Increase the security of the household

A garage is usually a storage room for most houses. This is where the unused electronic appliances, clothes, furniture and other items are placed here which is worth a large amount of money for any burglar or thief. It can also house your car, which can cost thousands of dollars to replace. For thieves, this might also make for an easy entrance to your house through your garage.

For most thieves including professional burglars, they can easily force open an old garage door or disable the lock without making any sound. For those who use a garage remote controller to open their garage doors, thieves can hack the remote receiver to the garage door using a special device.

Remove the noise

For most people, they would come home late at night and disturb anyone sleeping because of the noise coming from the garage door. Old garage door openers functions by using a chain drive to open and close the door. The noise comes from the chains and motor as it opens the garage door.

Most new garage openers are made to open garage door without any noise. Some garage door openers utilise a screw driver or belt drive system to open the door. Other newer garage door openers use the old chain drive to open garage doors but are designed to be much quieter than the older models.

Improve the safety of garage doors

Old garage door models are as smart as your average garage door which simply opens and closes the door when you open them via the remote. There are scenarios where an object, a pet or a person might be underneath the door while the remote will not be available to quickly stop the door from closing.

New garage door openers use an infrared system between the doors to detect any obstruction which stops the door from coming down if something is in the way.

Emergency battery for power failure

A common problem with a garage door opener is its dependence on electricity for it to work. In case of a power failure, new garage door openers have a backup battery to allow the door to open.

If you decide to install a new garage door opener or upgrade your current one, Amalgamated Locksmiths has the latest models to meet your needs.