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Feeling safe in your home or knowing your business is secure when you are not there is essential to your peace of mind. Having a security door lock on the doors in your home is one way to maintain your privacy and make you feel safe and secure at all times. Or, if you want something more secure for your business or company and its belongings, a swipe car lock is a secure way to prevent a robbery or any other unwelcome visitors when you leave for the night.

A security door lock is a lock featuring a privacy-lock or deadlock on the handle that you can select as you leave the house. The first selection offers security from the outside whilst allowing occupants inside to safely exit using the internal privacy snib. Turning the key to the second option engages the deadlock, which means all residents or visitors will need a key to unlock it from either side of the door. This is great for large families with young children.

A swipe card lock requires the use of a card or electronic key to open the door. This often involves the user to swipe a card through a lock, similar to a credit card in an Eftpos machine. Opening the lock mechanism gives the user access to the building. This is quite commonly used in larger companies and businesses where security is essential.

If you are looking for security door locks in Brisbane or swipe card locks in Brisbane, look no further than Amalgamated Locksmiths. We offer security, fastening and control hardware for hinged security screen and safety screen doors as well as swipe card locks for added security.

For more information on swipe card and security door locks, visit our Newstead Showroom or fill out a contact form online.

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