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Padlocks are portable locks used to secure doors, fences and other items against theft, vandalism, sabotage and unauthorized use. While not traditionally used in and around residential homes, padlocks are a common form of security measure throughout commercial and industrial premises’.

The most obvious advantage to padlocks is their versatility and cost effectiveness. A padlock does not need to be installed and is therefore an inexpensive substitute for deadbolts, mortise and sliding door locks. This also means that a padlock can be moved and used in various capacities around a commercial or industrial property at different times. It can not only be used for securing doors, windows and fences but also chains, pipes and various other pieces of industrial equipment.

Brisbane’s Amalgamated Locksmiths deals exclusively in Lockwood padlocks, which have a long standing reputation for durability and quality. Lockwood has an excellent selection of residential and commercial padlocks ranging from small letterbox locks to high security marine grade locks.

Amalgamated Locksmiths also stocks a variety of padlock accessories such as padlock chains, general purpose hasp and staples, locking plates and shackle guards. Your Amalgamated Locksmiths padlock can be keyed alike to other locks, tailor purchased with multiple key copies, or even calibrated to a master key.

While not the highest grade of security lock available at Amalgamated Locksmiths, padlocks provide a cost effective and simple solution to basic security requirements. Whatever your security needs, Amalgamated Locksmiths and Lockwood padlocks can provide you with a fast, easy padlock solution.

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