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Dead Locks

A deadlock is any lock that has a bolt that can not be retracted by wedging it with a piece of plastic or other tool. Double deadlocks are locks that can be locked with a key on both sides of the door to prevent burglars walking out with your possessions when you are not at home. Double deadlocks should be secured to the door using concealed fixing so they can not be removed when locked. Double deadlocks are often a prerequisite for home contents insurance discounts. We stock a wide variety of quality deadlocks and double deadlocks to suit many doors, frames and functions.

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355/303 Deadlocks


We stock a large range of padlocks for all your security needs, be it for your shed, gate, bike or other outdoor asset. Padlocks can be purchased keyed alike to other locks or even master keyed.

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Sliding Door Locks

Patio bolts such as pictured here are an excellent solution to improve security for your sliding or french doors. They can be keyed alike to your front door or window locks and can be colour matched to your existing door hardware.

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Lockwood 680 Patio Bolts

Window Locks

We stock a variety of window locks and bolts including the Whitco and Securicraft range. They suit most window types and styles, comply with insurance requirements and can be keyed alike so you only need one key
to open them all.

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Key Cabinets

Key cabinets provide the secure key control that is very important to today’s companies. Our key cabinet is constructed of heavy-duty steel and features key hooks and key rings with tags. Three-dial, changeable combination lock. Mounts easily to a wall (mounting hardware included).

With our Key Management System you can keep maximum control of keys with designated “Master” and “Duplicate” key tags. Key are loaned from the duplicate tags, while the master key stays in the cabinet. An index and cross reference manual (not pictured) is provided to track keys. Keys are cross-referenced in three ways: Lock Location, Hook Number and Key Code Number, assuring that you will always know which key is for which lock. Keys are loaned and returned in the “Key Loan Envelopes” included with the system. An account of all key loans is recorded in the provided “Key Loan Record”. Yellow “Loan Tickets” are filled out when a key is loaned from the cabinet. The ticket is then placed on the hook as a visual record of the loan.

If you have any question, please call our friendly expert technician that can help you choose the safe that’s best for you.


Security Doors and Grills

For use on commercial doors, security access doors and where heavy duty mortice locks or latches are required.

Ideal for schools, universities, hospitals hotels, clubs, military installations, offices, apartments, and similar buildings.

3570 Mortise Lock

3580 Mortise Lock

Door Furniture

Hardware scheduling can be a difficult and time-consuming task when
conducted in-house, requiring extensive libraries and in-depth knowledge. Architectural and Security Hardware have developed a service designed to simplify the scheduling of ironmongery and hardware which is used by leading Design and Build Contractors, architects, housing associations, and local councils on a range of projects.

Our team works to the latest Australian and International hardware standards, ensuring correct product specifications and applications to meet end user requirements.

Architectural and Security Hardware continues to build upon the wealth of experience gained working regularly alongside architects and designers. If you have a project that requires architectural ironmongery or access control, please contact us. We are confident you will find our service invaluable.

Brass Door Catalogue

Artefact Series II & Door Furniture

Daintree Catalogue

Door Closers

Door closers are necessary for those doors that must be shut at all times. We make sure that they are adjusted properly so your door shuts smoothly. We have a large range of door closers in stock to suite most doors.

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Restricted Keys

The new concept - three mechanisms for more security

To guarantee the technical key security of a mechanical locking system it is necessary to select a system that is protected by key patents and also offers a high technical key copy protection. The new MT5 locking system from Lockwood will achieve both of these.

Lockwood MT5 provides the highest possible level of protection against illegal key duplication via the revolutionary Alpha spring. In addition every Lockwood MT5 key will be covered by patent protection well into the future.

There are two levels of security, the base level is the MT5 cylinder that uses a telescopic pin and alpha spring for restricted security. MT5+ builds on this by adding a locking bar for optimum security and high level master keying capabilities.

Alpha spring

At the tip of the key is a revolutionary mobile interacting spring - the alpha spring. The alpha spring engages a unique pin at the rear of the cylinder mechanism creating another shearline.

Telescopic pin

This new-generation product is also based on a new configuration telescopic pin technology.

Locking bar

The locking bar mechanism is the third technology featured in the MT5+ cylinder. Correct alignment of the locking bar pins depends upon the correct combination key being inserted into the cylinder. The milled pattern which runs along the length of the key interacts with the top bar horizontal pins, creating the required shearline.

With Lockwood MT5 originals are hard to copy

All MT5 products have a double-sided unique MT5 key. One set of cuts are for the telescopic pin mechanism and the other cut, the milled pattern, is for the locking bar in MT5+ products. The MT5+ combination provides enhanced key security and a higher manipulation resistance.

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Access Control

Lockwood Security Products has released the latest in its range of residential locking solutions with the launch of its first remote keyless entry system – the Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset This lockset allows keyless entry via a small hand held Q-Key remote.Lockwood's new Nexion lockset will enable you to offer your customers the latest in residential security with the convenience of keyless entry.

Keyless entry by remote has become the accepted method of locking and unlocking your car and this trusted technology has been adapted by Lockwood to deliver the same level of convenience to home security.

The Nexion lockset is controlled by the Q-Key remote, which has a range of up to 3 metres, making it simple and convenient to use. It incorporates the latest in encrypted rolling code technology to provide the highest possible security. If the remote is lost or stolen or additional remotes are required, homeowners can rest easy knowing that simple programming erases all previously recorded remote codes allowing new remote key controllers to be programmed to the lockset.

The lock system is fitted within the door and is powered by four alkaline AA batteries eliminating the need for expensive or elaborate wiring systems. The battery operated Nexion provides both audible and visual confirmation of electronic activation, while the batteries are easily replaced and the battery housing is protected with a secure access cover to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

In addition to its convenient operation, the Nexion incorporates the safety and security features for which Lockwood products are renowned. The unique Lockwood LockAlert status indicator shows at a glance the lockset status, which can operate in Secure Mode (red), Safety Mode (yellow) or Passage Mode (green). Safety features include the SafetyRelease function, which automatically releases the internal handle upon entry, reducing the risk of being locked in should there be need to escape from the home in an emergency.

The Nexion includes a unique metal installation template and has been designed for ease of fitting to hinged timber doors.

You can specify Lockwood's new Nexion with the confidence that it has been designed and developed to meet the highest requirements for security and durability in Australian Standard AS4145.2:1993 and is backed by Lockwood's guarantee.

Nexion Deadlatch Catalogue

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